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They wrote about us| The aerospace subcontracting in running order

Investment, job creation, training, research and development, reorganization... To meet the growing needs of major contractors in the aeronautics sector, subcontracting SMEs are getting organized. The results are there and the sector shows a real dynamism.

The civil aviation industry is doing well... thanks. With Airbus ahead it displays remarkable vitality in these times of crisis, with nine years of production guaranteed! In 2013, the European aircraft manufacturer has exceeded 1,500 net orders, including two historical ones: 230 A320 airplanes in one order for the Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air, and 50 A380s ordered by Emirates airline during in the Dubai Show! This is twice the initial target. As a result, the manufacturer hired nearly 600 people in 2013 on the only sites of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

Behind them, the subcontracting SMEs which are specialized in tooling or in manufacturing parts or subassemblies, are rubbing their hands. And they fully commit themselves to support this high production pace. Forty of them are members of Neopolia, the largest network of industrial enterprises in the Pays de la Loire region. They represent some 2,500 direct jobs and an accumulated turnover of 300 million €.

Investment and job creation}

"We have achieved an outstanding production volume with a minimum visibility of 5 to 8 years”, confirms Nicolas Derouault, vice-president of Neopolia, in charge of the aviation sector. This requires among other major technological developments around the composite materials in particular. The EMC2 competitiveness cluster and the IRT Jules Verne * are working on it.

To meet the needs of the industry, some companies invest and recruit. For example, the engineering company CHATAL in Herbignac grows by installing a new surface treatment business in Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon. An investment of 5.3 M€ supported for € 214,000 by the Region, and which will create 52 jobs.

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