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Parts industrialization

CAM programming allows us to make drawings and machining programs which respond to lead time, quality and cost imperatives.

The Production Engineering department is in charge of achieving machining sequences, launching the files in manufacturing for all new ordered parts. The Production Engineering department can also respond to changes in production.

On surface treatment sites, the Production Engineering is in charge of launching the files in the manufacturing for new ordered parts and to respond to any changes in the production. They define and implement solutions to achieve productivity gains in collaboration with the Purchasing Department.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain and Outsourcing department is responsible for ensuring the adequacy between customer needs and production constraints. They ensure the coordination and organization of the workflow from the receipt of the order until the shipment of the product.

Product Quality Control

The target of the Product Quality Control is to ensure that customer requirements that have been specified for the product are well respected. Following the recommendations made by Production Engineering, traceability files are filled in accordance with quality standards, specifications, customer orders...


In line with the safety rules and regulations in force, the Maintenance department is responsible for the proper functioning of the tooling machine fleet. Preventive and corrective maintenance of the facilities are also part of the scope of activities managed by this department.

Precision Machining

Precision machining is designed to manufacture precision machining parts (turning, milling), from technical documents and in a timely manner, on CNC machines.


Fitting is meant to ensure the overall finish of machined parts (no burrs, no scratches, no impacts...). This operation can be performed for the unit or for series by using machining and forming equipment, with respect to safety rules and production requirements (quality, lead time...).

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is designed to ensure protection against corrosion. Auto-checks are performed on the parts under process by the operators. The latter also monitor the characteristics of the baths.


The paint is prepared and applied on parts or sets of parts according to different processes. The painters perform auto-checks on parts under process.

Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing is designed to control the quality of a metallurgical product from a non-destructive surface examination by penetrant or magnetic particle testing. The operator establishes test reports and communicates them to the relevant departments. Penetrant testing level 1 to 3 and magnetic particle testing level 1 to 3.

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